Our Story

Robinson's Cruse Thru


A lot of the Ft Walton Beach locals remember the original Robinsons Cruse Thru from the 1980's. This was a double car convenience store style drive thru opened by Vince Bruner. Vince was inspired by some brew thru's or beer barns he experienced in other states and thought what a great idea for Ft Walton Beach. Vince eventually went to law school and rented out the building for many years. Fast forward to 2015 Vince collaborated with restaurateurs Michael Swett (owner of French Quarter Bar & Grill in Niceville) and Dean Rusnak (owner of Niceville and Crestview Taco Towns) who partnered up to bring back the old 80's Cruse Thru with a 2015 touch. Instead of a convenience store model we bring you street tacos with a wide variety or beer.